I am 3 years old. 

I have a sister named Mouse (Cat).

I have a sister named Pixie (Cat).

I have a sister named Sidekick (Sugar Glider). 

I like to chew on iPhone cables.

I love to graze all day. 

I was born in Tennessee. I cannot go to Australia, because I do not have a passport. 

I have a wallaby girlfriend named Rusty.

My best friend is Bobby the neighbor German Shepard. 

I am scared of most animals. 

I am very photogenic, but I mostly like selfies. 

I like to poop - mostly where I'm not supposed to.

I am full grown, but I keep getting a little chubbier (too many tortilla chips). 

Hiking is my favorite! 

Yes, I do walk on a leash. 

I do not hop all the time; most of the time I crawl. 

Try to catch me, I am super fast!

I am vegetarian. I like fruits, vegetables, grains, and tortilla chips! 

I love to play dress up. 

I am very shy, but I am never mean. 

I sleep in the house at night in my pouch.

Kangaroos are taller, they have longer arms, and they are leaner than me. I'm basically the kangaroo's smaller, pear-shaped cousin.